Introduction – Daniel Kleindienst
Daniel Kleindienst lends his voice to the introduction of  Coffee With Camilla. Daniel is the whole reason Camilla got into the music business to start with so it made perfect sense for Daniel to introduce her to the world through podcast.  You will also hear Daniel from time to time as a guest on the podcast.

Producer – Alex Dooley
Alex Dooley is truly a professional songwriter and all around “gear dude”.  Since he is all of that and also always in our office, we put him to editing and producing Coffee With Camilla.  As we are producing this podcast Alex often says, “I wish I would have known that when I moved to Nashville!”  You will probably hear Alex as a guest on the podcast at some point.  You should also be watching for him on country music artist project liner notes!

Intro Music Creator – Alejandro Medina & Victoria Powell
Alejandro Medina and Victoria Powell have teamed up to write on a regular basis.  When I mentioned I needed music for Coffee With Camilla that is all it took; just a mention.  Because before I knew it they had created the music and sent it to me.  That is the power of true musicians and songwriters; they get it done!  You will be hearing more about both of these two on and off the podcast.

Production & Product Delivery – Victoria Powell
If you see it or hear it, Victoria made it happen – LITERALLY.  No other explanation necessary but I’ll say it anyway.  Victoria Powell makes sure Coffee With Camilla podcast gets where it is supposed to when it is supposed to.  She makes sure all documents are uploaded.   She makes sure the store works properly.  She’s the real boss.

Sounding Board & Idea People – Victoria Powell & Ryan Cunningham
Victoria Powell and Ryan Cunningham listen and comment openly about Coffee With Camilla.  And I like it that way.  Whether or not other podcasts and creatives admit it or not, they have sounding board & idea people, and they need them.  They deserve mention because it’s an important role.